"The playing field is about to be leveled."


Emil Elias Ormstrid


Emil Elias Ormstrid is a well-heeled and revered businessman in his late sixties, a gentleman equally at home in the champagne soirees of New Orleans’ high-society as he is in the oak-paneled boardrooms of Manhattan banks and the glitzy galleries of European capitals.

When not aiding the suffering, funding the arts, sponsoring sports teams, or chairing charity balls, Ormstrid devotes his time and energy to collecting wealthy networks as easily as he does million-dollar cars.

But Ormstrid is also a man with secrets: secrets that are as well buried as the men he has killed.

Ormstrid’s gruesome history extends back into late-’60s Europe and the teeming streets of a violent youth out of which he had climbed with nothing but a ruthless talent for killing that has served him well in a world where the weak die fast and the good die faster.

On those rare occasions when he considers those hard-scrap years, Ormstrid finds himself unable to remember the first man he killed, and indifferent to who will be next to lie dead at his feet.

Through his life he’s come up against men who thought themselves equally as ruthless; women who thought they could manipulate him; family—children—who imagined he owed them something; enemies who thought they were stronger and smarter.

Ormstrid has seen them all cowed or buried.

Ormstrid runs with the best of the worst: Owen Shaw, Cipher, and Brixton. And all have come to know him as a man never to be crossed.

His secret? Business is business. And nothing gets in the way. Take this latest deal, one that will expose the U.S. to a devastating attack that will wipe away their arrogance and superiority. A lethal attack that will only be possible if Ormstrid does what he’s always done—close the deal.

Crew Chief




Tactical Green

In-game type:



EMP (Multiplayer)

Quarter mile:

~11.8 s

To celebrate 75 years of this epic all-American brand, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited one-off concept, in homage to legendary war-time vehicles such as the Jeep Kaiser M715, was created. The production run of the “M175” may have been short-lived due to its seeing limited action (production was pulled after just two years), but it was plenty long enough to seal this legendary vehicle’s place in Jeep brand lore.

The Jeep 715 Crew Chief Concept in 2016 came with a payload of its own in the shape of throwbacks to the old do-it-all Kaisers; the distinctive mesh grille, the military serial numbers, the 5-foot truck bed, the steel front and rear bumpers with winches fore and aft, even the old-school 40-inch-high-grooved military-style tyres.

But looks are deceiving.

Those tyres are disguising modern 20-inch beadlock wheels, while the engine is no longer the inline-6 from back in the day—it’s now a 3.6L V6 pushing around 290 hp with enough torque to pull an aircraft carrier into the desert. Fox shocks, off-road rock rails, and Dana axles complete the modern under its skin to create a 4×4 that will take you up and down any terrain you care to throw at it.

Inside, the ’60s have been swapped-out for mod-cons, leather bucket seats, a military-spec compass, and military-grade gizmos for the air compressor and front-and-rear diff lock. An EMP unit has also been installed. Either you go big, or you go home.