"My employer likes to keep his pets on a short leash."



Salome Hassan is a wanted woman—wanted by Interpol, secret service agencies on five continents…and by any billionaire who can afford the kind of security detail her unique talents provide.

Her bio details are scarce. She was born somewhere in West Africa, and was, by all accounts, educated either in France or by French-speaking missionaries—an education that consisted mostly of learning how to steal and kill, talents that were further refined when she followed her cousin’s path to join a rebel militia group in her teens. It was during those years of guerilla warfare that her reputation for extreme valor and skill with weapons and explosives was established.

In her mid-twenties, Hassan was hired by a private military company based out of Lagos in Nigeria. She was actively involved in half-a-dozen mercenary campaigns leading militia and insurgent rebel groups in blood-soaked sabotage raids against foreign-owned infrastructure projects…allegedly sponsored by rival Western-based companies. For more than a decade, the for-hire assassin left a trail of terror in her wake.

It’s difficult to separate myth from fact. What is known is that she’s an expert in high-explosives, a fearless fighter, and a skilled marksman. Accounts of her disregard for life are legion, as are anecdotes about her uncanny ability to read danger in a split second.

Hassan’s services are in demand because she asks no questions; define her orders, and she will see them through without hesitation. At the end of 2008, she seems to have left her employer in Nigeria and begun a lucrative career as chief of security for a string of oligarchs.

Defeating her will be the only way anyone will ever get close to her boss in Fast & Furious Crossroads.