"You can't collect from a dead man."


Sebastian Miro


Sebastian Miro’s been a fixture in Barcelona since anyone can remember. Smart, funny, easy-going, the street racer/mechanic has built a reputation on being an honest broker and when Vienna and Cam first hit Barcelona after escaping Miami with nothing but the law on their backs, it doesn’t take long for them to ride up to Miro’s garage.

Miro welcomes them like long-lost friends: in no time at all, he’s showing them around his town with all the insider knowledge of an eager local.

Whatever Vienna and Cam needed in those first uncertain weeks, Miro delivered in style: he found them a bargain on a refurbished farm, sorted out a workshop for them to start out their fledgling garage business, and showed them the sights and sounds of his beloved city.

Like Vienna, he’s the kind of guy you can rely on. Employees at his garage swear they always get paid, even if that means Sebastian goes hungry, but it was a whole different kind of hunger he felt when he first saw Vienna stride out of the sun and into his life. Her serenity, her cool, the easy way she has with the world—Sebastian has fallen hard for Vienna Cole.

When Vienna learns that Sebastian’s garage is struggling and starts throwing a few odd jobs his way, mostly high-tech cars she doesn’t want to touch, Sebastian is elated to realize his attraction hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s not long before Vienna and Sebastian have become—much to Cam’s misgivings—a thing.

But what Vienna doesn’t know is that Sebastian’s been working a sideline trading information for cash to keep his garage afloat. A harmless sideline. Innocent … Until it unexpectedly puts Sebastian in danger and will test the limits of Vienna’s love and loyalty in Fast & Furious Crossroads.






In-game type:



EMP Rocket (Multiplayer)

Quarter mile:

~9.5 s

After 12 years, the true everyman supercar—the NSX—returns faster than ever. It’s also come back as a technological wonder: a 3.5 L V6 AWD hybrid that has a unique way of getting 570 hp down on the tarmac: the rear wheels are driven by the V6, the front by two individual electric motors. With hyper-smart handling, the new NSX gets to 100 kmh in 3 s on its way to a top speed of 308 kmh. It also welcomes in a whole new era in refined performance, sophisticated technology and old-fashioned eye-scrunching speed.