All the gadgets used by the world’s top crew are now yours to employ. Add to this mix a handful of explosive new tools, and what you get is all the epic high-speed heists and action you crave. Get ready to improvise with your own crew and remember, it ain’t just about being fast.

AoE Crowd Control

Nano Shield

Protects against incoming ordnance and electronic threats and repairs any crewmates who are inside the barrier.

EMP Pulse

Once fully charged, this countermeasure disables any electronic device or vehicle within a set radius for an extended period of time.


After a short-charge time, emitters around a vehicle violently shove all loose objects or vehicles away.

Targeted Crowd Control


Once tethered, the harpoon allows a target either to be dragged away or tugged towards you.


This device targets a vehicle or electronic device and overrides their systems forcing them into a period of cooldown.


Once fired, this projectile embeds itself into the bodywork of a vehicle and shuts it down for a short duration.

Mag Beam

This powerful magnet emits a large attracting force ahead of the vehicle that will suck any cars ahead toward you.

AoE Damage


Deploys a bed of small, sharp nails behind the car that will shred the tires of any opponent that drives over them.

Oil Slick

Deploys a trailer of slippery oil behind the car that will cause opponents to spin out.


Once deployed, these sharp-spiked strips can deflate the tires of opponent vehicles.

Targeted Damage


These retractable spikes can shred the paintwork and tires of any opponent they come into contact with, causing effective damage.


After locking onto a target, this devastating projectile can cause massive damage to any opponent vehicle.


Can be used to either fire at a single target, or spread the payload across multiple opponents.