The Fast saga has pitted the world’s best crew against villains in exotic locales around the world, and in Fast & Furious Crossroads, Dom, Letty, Roman and with a whole new crew will yet again need to criss-cross the globe to bring down an international cartel hellbent on destroying the USA.


Barcelona’s a good place to run from your past. But watch who you befriend because it’s not just sunshine and smiles—these streets are run by the Tadakhul.

New Orleans

The Big Easy is a laid-back kind of place, but when you’re about to take on a syndicate of stone-cold killers, you’d better be sure you can count on family.


Athens is more than sunshine and relics as Dom and Letty are about to discover. It’s also a city of secrets, and some secrets are worth killing for.


Morocco is where Europe meets Africa. A convenient place if your business is best hidden away in the heat and the sand of the desert.