Get online with friends and foes alike for revolutionary 3-faction, team-based cops vs. villains vs. heroes, vehicular action in high-stakes missions. Team composition, car types, and gadgets make the difference between riding high or failing hard so make sure you got the perfect crew. Let’s go for a little ride.

Game modes

Heroes, Villains, and Cops battle it out in spectacular vehicular action across exotic global locations.


Can the Villains get the item to their destination before the Heroes recover it and? Meanwhile, the Cops don’t care who’s a Hero of a Villain, their job is to stop both crews.

Seek & Destroy

The Villains have a simple job – protect their target by any means available. The Heroes must find and attack the target and bring its health down to zero any way they can. The Cops must try and stop both crews.


One destination, two crews. Villains and Heroes must reach a given destination first…any way they can. The Cops must stop both crews from getting to the destination by bringing Villains and Heroes alike down.


In the world of Fast & Furious Crossroads, your crew is more than just your friends – they’re family. All Game Modes are designed to work either solo, or with your crew. Get online to join your team for some high-stakes action.



Get your crew of Heroes together and prevent the Villains from fulfilling their mission while avoiding getting arrested by the Cops. Sometimes, in order to win, you’ll need to help out your rivals!


Assemble your Villain crew and try to fulfill your mission—all while the Heroes try to stop you and the Cops try and take you down. Keep an eye on your rivals and the Cops.


Cop gameplay revolves around the compliance and busting of members of both opposing factions. It’s takedown time, but don’t be surprise if Villains and Heroes get together to hinder your progress.

Vehicle Classes

Every mission in the world of Fast & Furious Crossroads needs a plan. Deciding what vehicle to bring to each mission is as important as knowing which crew member will have your back. Each vehicle class offers something unique – speed or power, stealth or tech. Getting the balance right will decide whether you win or get busted.


These are warrior cars that neatly balance health stats and strength.


These are all-terrain monsters that can soak up the damage, but weight makes them vulnerable.


These are super-quick cars that can be used as scouts – fast but also fragile.


These are your classic assassin cars that are agile and have tricks up their sleeves.


High-tech cars that are solid all-around with futuristic weaponry onboard.

Multiplayer Cars

Get behind the wheel of authentic Fast & Furious rides, all curated by Dennis McCarthy, the official Fast & Furious car coordinator. From classic rides from the movies to fearsome new ones, your choice of vehicle says a lot about the kind of crew you are. Power or Tech, Speed or Lightweight, choose the vehicle that best suits the mission and gets the adrenaline going.


Jump into your favorite vehicle and customize it with sprays, wraps, and more. Then get online and let your personality shine as you rip through epic vehicular mayhem.


Customize the look of your vehicle online by applying a base color across the entire vehicle.


Customize the look of your vehicles online by applying a full-body texture over the top of the underlying base color.

License Plates

Unlocked License Plates can be assigned to any of your vehicles for an even more unique look online.


Show your loyalty to with Sprays. Unleash it when you take down an opponent to let the world know what you’re about.


MOSAIC is an easy-to-access infographic-style series of pages giving you in-depth access into your driver network profile card, game stats, achievements, trophies, match history, leaderboards, and more.