Online Multiplayer Action

Fast & Furious Crossroads features a co-operative team-based multiplayer experience called Online Ops which is split into three game modes – “Seek & Destroy,” “Rescue,” and “A.P.B.” All modes feature three-faction team-based vehicular action that challenges teams to complete objectives to bring home the win.

Fast & Furious Crossroads Street Race scene

“A.P.B.” is our twist on traditional point-to-point racing as the factions try to reach an Escape Zone before getting caught. Once you reach the Escape Zone, you then have to fight for domination of it. Knocking opposing team members out of it will slow the speed at which it gets captured or even deplete it.

Fast & Furious Crossroads Harpoon

“Seek & Destroy” sees one faction attempting to destroy a Boss Target before it reaches a Safe Zone. Another faction has the job of protecting it, whilst the third faction tries to stop everyone. Effective team composition and tactics are key here to bring these beasts down or defend it.

Fast & Furious Crossroads Corvette Stingray chase

And finally, “Rescue” sees two teams involved in high-speed heists. At launch, the two scenarios include hacking and uploading data from a truck escaping along the New Orleans Causeway, and the recovery of a high-tech device.

All three game modes rely on teamwork, communication, map awareness, and tactical use of your gadgets, nitrous, and driver skills.

You enter Online Ops by matchmaking into a Lobby with other players of your skill and experience level. You can also change teams and change cars depending on the upcoming map, and strategize around which combos the opposing teams have selected utilizing what you have unlocked via gameplay.

Fast & Furious Crossroads Garage

Cars are divided into RPG-like archetypes that all have different stats:

  • Power: The ‘warriors’ come with average HP but are capable of dealing a lot of damage
  • Terrain: The ‘tanks’ are slower than other cars but have an insane amount of armor
  • Speed: The ‘assassins’ are fast and favor gadgets that leave behind deposits
  • Lightweight: Fast and nimble, and able to pull J-turns and drive backwards in clutch situations
  • Tech: Average health and average damage-dealing, but with gadgets designed to either support or deny opposing teams from using their own

Each car also has stats for drift ability, in-air aftertouch control, and the amount of damage they deal from “Shunt” – a shoulder-barge technique mapped to L2/R2 used to knock players sideways.

We balanced each team and map to ensure victories can happen based on a wide range of team compositions or strategies. Even today, as we keep playing the game internally, we’re still seeing nail-biting ends to matches, as well as new combos appearing.

We don’t believe there’s anything like Online Ops in this space right now, so we recognize that you may feel a little lost at first – especially given our studio’s track record of amazing racing games – but we’ve worked hard to ensure that the vehicular combat aspect will quickly become a natural extension of your experience. What’s more, there’s a role for everyone in the game – from hitting the enemy hard to using area of effect weapons, and from healing/shielding teammates to playing havoc with the enemy’s systems or shredding their tires, you’ll find your place within your own crew because team work is a key part of the fun.

Fast & Furious Crossroads Mosaic

The in-game MOSAIC system (an evolution of The Driver Network from our Project CARS titles), meanwhile, will track all your accomplishments, preferences, win/loss ratios, trophies, and match history, allowing you to improve on your weak areas, compare with your friends, and showcase your strengths. With new cars and maps coming post-launch, we hope you’ll be victorious on the battlefield for a long time to come.